PARC - Real Estate
Once a particular need has been established, the next task is locating a site, its acquisition and entitlement. As a licensed Real Estate Brokerage firm in the State of California, PARC has the unique ability to become involved with a development idea and concept at the inception, assist and advise our clients at the very early stages by evaluating, selecting, and negotiating of a purchase. Our contacts in the brokerage community has proven to be particularly useful.

We can Assist our clients with various market studies such as supply and demand, market evaluation, competitive advantage and environment, demographic and market trends and more.

Figuring out the financing structure to purchase a property seems to be the hardest part. Understanding the respective comfort zones of equity investors and the lending institutes is the key. PARC can assist the project by securing financing or to provide consultation services to assure the best options to secure financing. The more experienced the Developer, the better deal can be negotiated.

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