The PARC Process

The process of real estate development may appear to be innocent and harmless, but in reality, the nature of the individual steps involved, and how to exercise control throughout the project can be downright mysterious. It takes efforts by many different disciplines including designers, architects, engineers, consultants, construction team and many other professions to create an environment of success. Although the steps necessary to seeing a development reach maturity are distinct activities, they often take place at the same time, and are frequently interactive.


  • Initial review and task assignment
  • Scoping and proposal/contract
  • Preliminary review and summary of findings
  • Client review and finalization of the findings
  • Reporting and documentation


  • Initial meeting
  • Followed by scoping and proposal/contract
  • Schematic design
  • Preliminary design
  • Design development
  • Consultant procurement and coordination
  • Preparation of construction documents
  • Permitting and plan check process if necessary


  • Initial meeting and scoping
  • Agency relationship
  • Property scoping and showing
  • Cost analysis and strategy development
  • Negotiations and field inspections
  • Transaction management.


  • Initial meeting with the team
  • Scoping and proposal/contract
  • Take off and bidding
  • Construction contract review and execution
  • Subcontract negotiation and procurement

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