Construction Document Peer Reviews

  • The completeness and accuracy of the documents
  • Provide the client with inputs and opinions to prevent possible short falls
  • Technical discrepancies
  • Design improvements
  • Constructibility, program, and value engineering.

This service could be further expanded into review of the related documents such as; Change Orders, construction Directives, and material substitutions.

Feasibility Studies and Market Analysis

  • Future investment plans
  • Market value and feasibility analysis
  • Monitor the development for risk management.

Development Budget and Construction Schedule Reviews

PARC DC can review the project hard cost budget and construction duration schedule for accuracy, sequencing, missing information, and possible pitfalls and provide the client with possible scenarios for time and budget improvements.

Preventative Maintenance and Infrared-Thermography Studies of the Building

PARC DC can provide the client with the project’s capital improvement needs and review and assess the existing conditions for maintenance requirements and capital reserve planning. Infrared and thermography scanning is utilized to examine the building for hidden conditions such as water intrusion, electrical defaults and mechanical deficiencies, insulation, etc.

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