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About PARCP.A.R.C., originally conceived in 1989, was a collaborative effort between architecture students and the faculty of California Polytechnic University, Pomona, to collect and archive local significant architectural work. Initially named People Architectural Reference Center (P.A.R.C.) interviewed many of the local architects and construction firms and cataloged and field-documented many of their projects.

By 1994, after licensure as an Architect and general contractor, the firm was evolved into a design-built architectural firm with emphasis on constructing projects for architects and designers and with the goal of improving the Architect’s stereo-typical image by improving the collective knowledge and confidence in the actual building construction. During this period, PARC successfully designed and built several commercial and residential projects for private and institutional clients such as Earthlink offices and networking facilities, STJ Entertainment facilities such as pool halls and restaurants, 21 Choices Frozen Yogurt stores, and as well as its own development projects such as the Brilliant Drive project in Mount Washington areas of Los Angeles.

In 1998, PARC became more active in the real estate consultation and in assisting clients with their existing and ongoing real estate projects and assets by assessing the building’s conditions, developing capital reserve studies and performing market analysis and project cost reviews.

In 2002, PARC became licensed as a real estate broker and more active in the real estate transaction and consultation. This allowed our team to become more effective in research and analysis of real estate market and to assist clients with their future goals and investment strategies. As Architects, Contractors, and Realtors, PARC could research, purchase, design, construct, market and sell properties under one umbrella, eliminating the majority of conflicts and coordination issues common between the trades and disciplines.

Today, PARC DC continues to strive in assisting clients to achieve their financial goals in real estate development and provides architectural and consultation services to property owners and institutions, as well as performing forensic and investigative work for distressed properties, field deficiencies, and defective construction. With our creative design team, construction experience, and real estate knowledge, we are in a position to offer assistance to our clients in multiple levels of understanding and various stages of a development process. We strive in daily improvement on our experience and knowledge.

Babak Nassirpour's Biography

Babak Nassirpour, R.A.


Registered Architect, State of California – NCARB
Licensed General Contractor, State of California – Class B and HIC
Licensed Real Estate Broker, State of California


Mr. Nassirpour has been active in the Real Estate, Architecture and Construction industry since 1991 and has been conducting Property Condition Assessment and Construction Management and Oversight services since 1998. Within the past 25 years, Mr. Nassirpour has designed and built a multitude of residential and commercial projects ranging from residential additions, custom homes, retail and custom-designed interiors and furniture and conducted numerous Condition Assessment projects and assignments ranging from small industrial-type buildings such as storage and manufacturing properties to multistory high rises and campuses, including some nationally-known projects in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas.

Mr. Nassirpour is trained as an exterior enclosure and waterproofing consultant and is certified as a Level-1 Thermographer.

As a forensic architect, Mr. Nassirpour has provided investigative and field-testing services for private and institutional clients and has successfully investigated, tested, repaired and restored multitude of distressed projects in the Southern California region.


Bachelor of Architecture, 5-Year Degree
California State Polytechnic University (CalPoly), Pomona


• Member of American Institute of Architects (AIA),
• Member of National Council of Architectural Registration Board (NCARB),
• Member of California Association of Realtors (C.A.R),
• Member of International Institute of Building Enclosure Consultants (IIBEC)

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